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The M3 Mask provides visibility, the most important aspect of any dive, with distortion-free vision and superior fit. This low-profile design uses a rigid frame and two lenses with an UltraClear glass. The low iron content produces a higher light transmittance and a reduced green tint inherent in other glasses. This makes the lenses distortion free and helps improve color and visibility in low-light conditions underwater.

Hollis M3 Mask

  • 100% pure silicone skirt

    UltraClear lenses

    Wide vision and low volume

    4-way buckle design for superior comfort and storage if needed

    Mount your GoPro camera and housing on your M3 Mask for hands-free photography and video. Made from durable glass filled nylon, the M3 GoPro Mount is easy-to-install on the M3 with just a hex key wrench. Once mounted, your camera and housing can be attached to your mask when needed and you can film your underwater adventures with ease.

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